5 home value improvement tips I learned

Over the past few years I learned that if I want to sell my property quick then I must do my best to be effective in advertising it for the proper price. But how to prop up the price of a property? Well, actually there are a few tips and tricks which you can use to achieve this, without paying much money. Especially if you can get your friends to help you.

1. Become a minimalist

This means exactly what you suspect: creating more space simply by throwing most of your things out or by putting them away in a storage space. You will be shocked to realize your rooms are two times bigger than they used to be. Minimalism is really trendy nowadays and it can also help you realize you actually won't need about half of your furniture and stuff to move with you when it's time to move. This way, you can even end up saving money and space in your new apartment too.

2. Show that you are trendy by using furniture made out of recycled wood

It's a really cool thing to use furniture which is DIY or which you buy at somewhere trendy. Furniture made out of recycled wood or recycled crates which were previously used to carry fruit and vegetables for instance look really cool in any apartment. You can buy one or two use them as shelves, as a table or as a box to hold your things in. the addition of a few exotic accessories will further help in making your home all the more interesting, cooler and higher valued

3. Spice up space with plants

You don't need to do all that much: pay a visit to the closest flower shop or IKEA and get a few good looking plants. They will do wonders with your newly minimalist rooms, make it more colourful and make it all the more interesting too. If you can get plants with flowers which look beautiful or smell great it's all the better.

4. Repaint and clean everything thoroughly

All one or two layers of fresh white paint to make your walls shine as bright as possible. This paired up with mirrors and a few additional lights (and clean windows) it will make your room look classy, modern and a must-have.

5. Add mirrors in strategic places to make your home larger

Mirrors have long been used to make space seem double as large as it is in real life. Additionally when placed in the right places, they can also help a room become much more lighter and look way better than it used to before. Get some larger mirror and test where they would look their best.

Apply these rules altogether and you will see the dramatic change in the perception of your home. In addition you can get some cheap yet clean and colourful rugs, but steer clear from larger carpets. Rather show more of the floor no matter its wooden or tiled.