The real costs of moving an apartment

Times are changing and this also means, we keep on changing jobs, changing plans and with all that, we also have to change apartment too. While moving may seem like an easy thing to do in theory (pack-in –pack-out just like you can see it in the movies) in reality it takes tons of time, energy and costs which you may not even think of. Here's a few things you may need to watch out when you move along the lines of “if I ‘m able to sell my house quickly then I will surely find an apartment where I can move in quickly too”

1. Create a security deposit well before selling or moving

You will or may need this, to deal with all the costs which you may not count with but which may eventually come especially when you are to move. We know it's not easy to create such, but if you have the mindset of “not touching it, it doesn't even exist” then you are already on the good way.

2. Count with the actual costs of moving
Moving company

Moving is a good business for the moving companies but it can be a very expensive deal for you. For start you need to do a good research from among the trusted moving companies in your area. Then arrange the price and also become aware of their moving conditions (some help to bring your furniture upstairs but many don't do that. Also, there are moving companies which won't transport anything which is not properly boxed in. Moving companies also charge depending on the city and the area. There are moving companies which charge per way and others charge per hour and per package too. Make good calculations before you get a pretty unpleasant surprise. Two movers with a truck can cost up to USD 350. Be aware that the average time of moving of a one-bedroom apartment within the same city can take between 3-5 hours on average With that in mind try to save as much as you can, ask your friends to help you as much as they can in return for some free pizza or beer.

The supplies

Your things won't get magically lifted and teleported to your new apartment. You will need boxes of all kind, glue or tape to close them, special boxes to carry your fragile items. If you don't already have them you may also need to get some markers (permanent black is the best) , additional trash bags for your clothes and miscellaneous things, colored post-its to differentiate your boxes ( it pays off trust us)

3. The costs of cutting off and doing a fresh start of your utilities, internet and communal costs

While if you stay in the same city, you only need to report a change in address, but remember to do it well in advance, especially when it comes to your internet and electricity. Unexpected costs can involve reinstating cable for cable TV and communal costs.